A Magnum Energy Midstream Project

The Western Energy Storage and Transportation Header (WEST Header Project) is the proposed construction of a new approximately 650-mile, large-diameter interstate natural gas pipeline designed to move natural gas bi-directionally between multiple receipt points and multiple delivery points, including storage, throughout multiple states in the Western Energy Corridor.

The WEST Header Project is being designed to maximize 40 BCF of High Deliverability, Multi-Cycle (“HDMC”) salt cavern storage (currently FERC certificated and under development by Magnum Gas Storage) near Delta, Utah. The proposed WEST Header Project will provide access to prolific natural gas supplies at or near the Opal Hub in Wyoming, Goshen Hub near Salt Lake City, UT, and Permian Basin supplies flowing westbound to locations at or near Ehrenberg, AZ.

The WEST Header Project anticipates allowing for receipts/deliveries directly into the Salt Lake City Valley at or near the Opal Hub, the Goshen Hub, the Las Vegas, NV market, the Southern CA market, and Phoenix/Tucson, AZ market (through Needles/Topock/Blythe/Ehrenberg), as well as potential international exports to Mexico at Yuma, AZ and West Coast LNG exports, including via Energia Costa Azul near Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

The WEST Header and Magnum Gas Storage are wholly owned subsidiaries of Magnum Energy Midstream Holdings, LLC (“MEM”). MEM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magnum Development, LLC, a Haddington Ventures, LLC, portfolio company. Haddington principals have been involved in the merchant gas transportation and storage business since its emergence in the early 1990s.

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